A pioneer infrastructure fund manager

Combining world-class expertise & knowledge to create long-term value

Our strategy

Our value-driven strategy targets sectors where we possess in-depth knowledge and expertise, with a global geographical focus.

Our goal is to acquire strategic high-quality infrastructure assets with strong potential for growth, while mitigating risks through a carefully designed and managed investment process.

A trusted partner

Founded in 2020, MCP has been building a dynamic and experienced team who work collaboratively together, focused on creating long-term value and delivering returns.

We cooperate closely with world-leading industry players who share our vision and implement a hands-on approach to portfolio investments.

Our ESG approach

Integrating sustainability into our investment strategy allows us to have a positive impact on our environment and society, and supports us in generating long-term value for investors.

We are committed to the best international ESG practices and standards and align our approach with our targeted sectors, our investors and our strategic partners.

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