Important Warning

We draw the attention of all visitors of this website (the “Visitors”) and of any effective or potential client of MAHA CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC (“MCP LLC”) on the existence of attempts by certain individuals who pretend to be acting in the name of Maha Capital Partners LLC by using certain neighboring and/or similar business/commercial name(s), logo(s), visual identity element(s) and/or similar business details and which aim at fraudulently obtaining sums of money or interests through identity theft, breach of trust, fraud and/or swindling, in particular by (i) using or copying the « Maha » portion of MCP LLC’s name, (ii) using or copying MCP LLC’s graphic universe or visual element (including its logo and company sign), and/or (iii) deriving their own business name and/or logo from the name and/or logo of MCP LLC (such as “Maha Capital” or “Maha Capital Partners”), from a function associated with MCP LLC’s company or from any identification feature (name, address, phone number…) which may belong to (or may imply a reference to) the Maha Capital Partners LLC company. 

We would like to take the opportunity to remind each of the Visitors that “Maha Capital Partners LLC” is a limited-liability company which is established and incorporated in the Qatar Financial Centre (“QFC”) in the State of Qatar, licensed by the Qatar Financial Centre Authority (“QFCA”) under number 01098 and which is authorized by the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority (QFCRA) to conduct “regulated activities” within the meaning of QFC’s Financial Services Regulations, which refers in particular to investment management activities conducted on behalf of certain investment funds or partnerships (i.e. collective investment schemes). Its registered office in the State of Qatar is at Ambassadors Street, QFC Tower 1, P.O. Box 24879, Doha, State of Qatar, and its fixed phone number is +974 4404 3840 and whose fax number is +974 44043864. The official website of Maha Capital Partners LLC is: MCP LLC does not seek nor solicit any services from (nor offer any services to) natural persons and does not seek nor solicit from (nor offerto) any customer (whether retail, business or eligible counterparty) the provision of sums of money by phone or by email, and acts systematically and fully in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

In particular, no sums of money may be obtained in the course of electronic exchanges or by phone without MCP LLC’s representatives having performed a detailed review of the client’s situation, a verification of its identity and of its beneficial owner(s), assessment of source of funds and wealth and a case-by-case assessment as to the suitability of the service being offered to his/her financial situation. No complex financial product and no instrument offering a high yield of return is currently commercialized nor distributed by MCP LLC with any retail clients nor is being proposed or sought to be offered to any retail clients. MCP LLC does not conduct nor offer business of any kind with or to retail customers.

As a matter of examples (and on a non-limited basis), any products sold or services offered under the name or involving the reference “MAHA”, “MAHA GLOBAL”, “MAHA GLOBAL LIMITED”, “MAHA PARTNERS” or “MAHA CAPITAL LIMITED” do not reflect (nor imply) a product, a service or an offer which involves MCP LLC nor any other affiliate of MCP LLC’s group.

In case of requests or steps made by any person pretending to act on behalf of MCP LLC, or in case of apparent advertisements or messages referring to MCP LLC, we recommend to each individual:

-To never communicate any banking data or personal information which concerns him/her or any member of his/her relatives or close ones without having physically met with a relationship manager of MCP LLC in our offices;

-To never proceed with providing sums of money by wire transfers or debit orders or by any other means, without having first checked the identity and the authenticity of the person who is proposing or requesting such issuance or product, even if it is in exchange for a financial service or contract whatsoever;

-To check, on MCP LLCs original and authentic website, the phone contact details, the address and, more generally, the validity and the authenticity of any information being provided to you by e-mail, by postal mail or by phone; 

-To check directly with MCP LLC, by using only the contact details which are available on MCP LLC’s original website, if the person pretending to act in the name of MCP LLC, MAHA CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC or of any other Maha Group entity is duly authorised to represent our institution; and:

-To inform us immediately of any improper or suspicious activity of which you have been made aware, which involves or may involve the MCP LLC name or any information relating to an MCP LLC or Maha Group entity.


We strongly advise caution and attention to all retail or natural persons concerning the risks (in particular financial and safety risks) relating to the provision of personal information or banking or financial information and/or to the provision of any funds to a person who is not duly authorised or empowered to represent MAHA CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC.

MAHA CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC as well as any representatives and any member company(ies) of the Maha Group each disclaim expressly any liability in connection with the provision of information or the provision of funds to a person who is not duly authorised to act in the name and for the account of MAHA CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC as well as for all consequences, losses, liabilities and/or damages (in particular of a financial nature) in connection with such actions.

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