Issued: October 13, 2021
Updated: October 13, 2021

Maha Capital Partners LLC (the “Company”) is committed to providing protection guarantees – including protection of anonymity and absence of any reprisal measures – to whistleblowers who report any wrongdoing as set out under the terms of its “Whistleblowing Policy”. To such effect, the Company is and remains committed to the operational implementation of procedures enabling it to properly, fairly and independently deal with a “protected report”, in accordance with its obligations set out in the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority’s (QFCRA’s) General Rules 2005 (“GENE”) Chapter 4A and has established appropriate internal procedures to deal with any such report accordingly.

Any individual who wishes to report such wrongdoing and who meets the criteria of a “protected report” as set out by rule 4A.1.2 of GENE, may file such report (the “Report”), either on an anonymous or identified basis, by using one (or both) of the following channels of communication:

  • By postal mail: Maha Capital Partners LLC – Ambassadors Street, Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Tower 1, PO Box 24879, West Bay – Doha, State of Qatar

The author of such Report must ensure that:

  • for electronic e-mails, the “subject” matter of the e-mail must bear the terms “Strictly private, confidential & personal: for the exclusive attention of the Compliance Director – protected e-mail”.
  • for postal mail, the outside envelop must carry the following indication: “Strictly private, confidential & personal: for the exclusive attention and opening of the Compliance Director – protected information”.

The Report must always include a clear description – in legible, properly formulated and complete sentences – setting out (i) the exact category of “information” which is being reported, (ii) a complete description of the facts, events and circumstances surrounding the alleged information, (iii) when such facts or circumstances are alleged to have taken place or are taking place or are likely to take place, and (iv) the specific rules the breach of which is alleged (if applicable). The Report must also include indication as to whether the individual has attempted to raise the information with any other person or party prior to filing the Report and whether any reaction (or absence of reaction) was received or perceived from such person or party.

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